That's So Re(a)gan Edit

That's so Re(a)gan is the show that Cory in the House was a spin-off from.

Before the show Edit

Donald "Fuck my ass and call me obama." Reagan-Sama-Senpai (Full name.)

Before the show, Donald was a cabbage farmer living in inner-city Vietnam. He made the famous Dolald-Double, a face cream made out of cabbage oil and marijuana. As he was in the city, eating a bowl of dirty dish-water and rotten cabbage, he got sick and soon fell ill, leading to hospitalization. After getting chemo treatment he soon went back to cabbage farming.

Trivia Edit

On the box art for That's so Regan, Studio Bones spelled Regan differently from in the show. In the show, they spell his name Regan, but on the box art, they spelled it Reagan