Cory Edit

Cory is the main character of this show. He was born in West Philidalphia.

The picture is Cory figuring out Kitsume is pregnant in the original show, That's so Regan

While his Father famous asain prostitute pimp, cory went and tried to live a simpler life, while learning the stock market trade, he made a famous investment in the Step-Step Party Kek entertainment systems, he soon became rich.With this new mass about of income from the stock market, he soon went on an party spree, having sexual relations with various prostitutes, such as the now famous Lindsey Lohan, additionally he he bought 516 bulk pounds of pure cocaine. After nearly overdosing on cocaine, he was hospitalized, and soon jailed. He paid bail and all his cocaine was confiscated, and he lost all his money. He soon went to the streets, as a bum, after raising enough money to buy a hentai magazine at a local Japanese good stores, he it was nearly killed by a pack of basement dwellers/weaboos. Upon reading the hentai magazine "Jap Fap." he was transported to the white house as an anime character in the popular show "Cory in The House."